Your website needs to look, sound and feel right and a mere translation of the text is often not enough. As with any translation and localization project, it is not enough to simply convert text into the destination language; the success of a website translated into a language different to the original depends on several factors:

  • the contents must be adapted to the linguistic and cultural system of the target language;
  • the communication tone must be suitable for technical standards and stylistic requirements in the target market;
  • the graphical components must also undergo any necessary transformations to meet the linguistic and cultural communication requirements;
  • any scripting components (Javascript, Php, Perl, Asp, database, etc) must be adapted to and harmonized with the resulting product;
  • page formatting must be taken into account and made compatible with the original graphical structure, and with the demands of search engine and directory positioning.

We are able to localize your website, operating independently in our online work area and updating the final product directly on your server via ftp, handing in a finished product ready for publication and promotion, complete with intact architectural links between pages and fully functioning.

Afghanian also specializes in Software localization, On-line help localization, User documentation localization, and Multimedia localization.

Localization is just part of the language services provided by Afghanian. Get your free quote now or contact us for further information.

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