Welcome to the website of Afghanian, your prime partner in Afghanistan.

Afghanian is an Afghanistan based Translation Company with an excellent reputation for its reasonable rates, high quality and extensive range of service in Translation and DTP sectors.

Using experienced, tried and tested, in-house and freelance translators, we are able to offer our clients prime translation services, embracing Dari and Pashto languages of Afghanistan and also Urdu in all subject areas. Our culturally sensitive typesetters work with our in-house experts and linguists, providing you with quality services and a fast turnaround.

Afghanian’s cornerstone is quality. To best fulfill this aim and in order to offer an accurate, consistent and competitive service, Afghanian team is equipped with the state of the art technologies including recent versions of CAT tools, DTP and web design softwares.

The range of services which Afghanian provides include, among others: Translation and Interpretation, Multilingual DTP, and Website Localization. Contact us for more information or get your free quote now.


Afghanian is equipped with state of the art CAT tools in order to provide quality services and satisfy the market needs. We provide translation services in various fields including business, economics, Finance, IT, legal, Marketing, and Medical.

Multilingual DTP

Whether your DTP project consists of Web pages, catalogs, brochures, graphics or promotional materials, Afghanian has the experience, the resources and the tools necessary to meet your needs.


Localization demands total accuracy, specialist cultural knowledge and a high level of organization. We work closely with our clients to ensure that these requirements are met.

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